Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did I mention I've got an iphone?

Aaand.... I don't have to think any more. It does it all for me.

Thought I was a luddite. Thought wrong. I don't hate technology. I just hate everything except my iphone. I cursed through two years of owning a Samsung phone. Was perplexed and baffled by LG. Coped with a couple of Nokias, but never really, you know, bonded with them. And wider technology - I spend all day at work swearing at Microsoft and have long held the view that technology was created by inconsiderate nerds to torture the rest of us with. A delusional spell designed to keep us locked up inside, away from the sun and our friends. But the iphone... it helps with the life I live beyond the office, when I close the lid of the computer.

I recorded my friend playing didge at a festival last weekend. I recorded choir practice on Tuesday and can now listen over it on the tram, usually thinking 'whatever that note was, I must never ever sing it again'. Useful. Enhancing.

Now it's a tea blog so I think it's important to move on because the people who are in love with their iphones already know how it feels, and the people who aren't can't possibly want to know.

Work tea.

The most important tea of all. The tea I turn to:

  • When someone says 'do you want a spreadsheet or a database?' and I say 'they're not the same thing?' 
  • When I get emails that I can't just ping into the 'ignore' folder. 
  • When someone from headquarters mistakenly has 30 boxes of purchase order books delivered and then can't be found to take them away again. 

It's time for work tea. Oh yes.

I lean towards strong black work tea. At the moment I'm working with Robur Richer Mountain Blend, which is almost obsolete but can be found sometimes, and isn't boutiquey, and costs $4 per packet instead of $12.

That's what I go with. And I make two big cups in my superlarge lime green teapot and take one in to Amy, who's Welsh and says it's a 'right nice cup of tea'. Can there be higher praise? No there can't.

I take my cup in to my desk, where there's a special tea coaster and a special rag behind the computer for wiping up tea pouring spills, and suddenly things seem dealable with again. Not easy. Not always fun. But less overwhelming.

And that's what work tea does. It's the workhorse of the tea spectrum.

Today, however, I'm not at work, and am going to the gym. I bet there's an iphone app for that that will make it somehow richer, fuller. Maybe I like Richer Mountain blend because it blends with my fantasy that I am richer, and live on a mountain. Hmmm.

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