Thursday, October 24, 2013

The ultimate tea shop reviewed secretly

Yeah ok so due to pressing urgencies, stress, slackness or whatever the tea shop owner and I have not yet got our act together to have a good old fashioned honkin' review of all tea.
But I've been sneaking in there when she's out and sampling tea on the sly.
I don't really get all the tea sommelier stuff, which seems super complicated, but I had an oolong in there this morning that's kept me going all day. You get two brew-ups of your leaves, which I am always in favour of. But only if you buy the right kind of tea.
I like the stabilising influence of some tea. Left to my own devices, I snort down a tonne of strong black tea and run around like a fragile idiot, but some of the different sorts and green teas are somehow more grown up and lead to strength and calmness instead of short lived frenzy.
The other thing about the tea shop is it's a switched-on kind of a venue. Their chef is a nervous, skinny, intelligent guy who knows weird facts about food and digestion that you just don't expect.
We exited the tea shop and the rain was bucketing down in a Melbourne kind of way, and we realised we were having an experience that was very inner city, very Smith St.
Tea. Since then I've been everywhere, seen a band, and now I'm on the final fingernail of the trip home. Exiting my train. Good night.