Wednesday, November 17, 2010

dandy v expensive dandy

My flatmate and I both love dandelion root tea. This is partly because we have both quit coffee and dandelion root is a little bit coffee-like if you don't concentrate too hard. It's also very expensive at $8 for a small jar. There is another version that is chocolatier and will stand boil after boil without significantly losing flavour, but that one is even more expensive. Then we compound the problem by adding Burdock root to it, which makes it gravelly and fabulous, but costs $11 for a tiny sachet. My flatmate excites the blend by adding an enormous amount of chili, and I add a little less.
We wander onto the back verandah, which winds around and around our block of flats, and sit on the steps and drink chili burdock dandy under the moon before going to bed of an evening. The cat, Morphus, who has been bullied by a neighbouring tomcat, sometimes braves the outside world enough to come and perch on the boards on full alert, scanning the horizon for the great enemy. We watch the clouds pass overhead and sometimes see a bat. The great thing about dandelion root tea is you can drink it just before bed without insomnia, which is not always possible with coffee, depending on your constitution. It also apparently clears out your liver.
We just finished a great bag of normal dandy. We should really get another one. Mmm. Dandy. May your day go well.

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