Thursday, June 16, 2011

I cracked

I've gone back to black tea with soy milk. We got evicted. It was too stressful. It was too awful. Black tea sorted it out. OK, black tea didn't really help all that much but I cracked anyway. Turns out the other housemate, not the nice one who turns up in this blog every now and again but he other one, well, he wasn't paying the rent and well, we got chucked out. With a week's notice. Luckily the nice housemate was already gone on an overseas trip and didn't have to be involved.
Still, awful, I know.
What i learned from quitting black tea is that my life is very boring. I thought my life was quite interesting. Turns out that I was just ingesting a mild stimulant every now and again, and that it wasn't really interesting after all. Without the mild stimulant I felt... bored. And I thought, what kind of life am I living that it's not even interesting? Why do we all live in cubicles where we can't see the sky?
I had no answers, so went back on black tea again. Sometimes I look at all the other people and wonder. What are we all doing?