Monday, August 8, 2011

Chinese sweet facial beauty tea

A friend came back from China with this tea. I haven't noticed its effects immediately, however it's nice to think that a tea could enhance your facial beauty.

I'm completely over it just now. The rain is howling down, summer stuck its head out only to retreat again and I've been moving house and office. Everything in my life has moved to somewhere else in the last week, apart from ten boxes I put under Mum and Dad's house in 2001.

The reasons for living, somewhere in all that moving, liquefied and dripped out from the bottom of my sump. Or they evaporated and are now part of a cloud. Moving will do that to you. There are things that should have gone. They should have dealt with themselves and become resolved while I stacked them in boxes and left them lying around. The dead baby bookmark. The books that should be read and returned to their rightful owners. The unwanted gift plate.
But they didn't. They aren't. They haven't.
No, they are stacked up and hanging round and waiting to be resolved and absorbing all the light and energy surrounding them.
mph mph mph mph (sobs).

Moving. Overwhelm. Disturbia.

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