Friday, January 28, 2011

quitting black tea

Black tea is one of the wonders of the modern world. But I quit drinking it because of the caffeine and feel much better. There you go. I write a tea blog and don't drink tea. Not sure how to go on.
Basically I quit tea in the same way I quit everything, by going to a festival and then realising that things have been so upscale and exciting that I haven't had tea in five days and am past the headache stage. Then I figure I might as well keep going, see what happens.
What happens is I feel calmer and less exhausted, which is nice. There is a Russian Caravan tea bag sitting on my desk, staring at me balefully. Sorry Russian Caravan. Maybe in a month.
So now it's dandelion root, rooibos, chai and green tea. Often five in a day because you don't just quit black tea and replace it with nothing. It's good because it makes you get out and about, tea wise, and see what other varieties work. I'm liking Linden leaves and red clover. Also rooibos chai. Suggestions?

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